Friday, May 28, 2010

Collabs and more

First, I'm in the new issue of Good To Know Zine! It's full of sweet advice and stories from other artists. I recommend buying it. There's also a preview where you can read my story (it's with the illustration I did of people's shoes). It tell an embarrassing story of my happy ignorance when it came (comes?) to art. The PDF is also have that laying around. I know it.
In other news, I love collaborations! In celebration of Feast, debuting at SprinCon, I'm posting some old collaborative drawings I did with Mr. Evan Palmer. As most know, Feast was written by me and drawn by Evan. It's about a group of wild girls standing up to a manbeast. It's gotten pretty good feedback so far. Evan hasn't scanned any pages yet so if you didn't see it at SpringCon you'll have to wait. If anyone WANTS a copy, it's three bucks a pop.

Anyways. These sketches were done over a year ago, Evan penciling one part and me the other, then each of us inking the others pencils.

This piggy one was for a children's story I wrote that Evan was going to illustrate. Sadly, it has yet to be born into existence.

And now some of my own art. A drawing that didn't make the cut for my show:

This drawing WAS in my show, but it was transfered onto a painted canvas.


Toby Jones said...

Maddie and Toby say: "Collaborate with us!"

Anna said...

Toby/Maddie, give me a time and place and I'm there!

Amy@Pikaland said...

Hi Anna!

I absolutely love your illo for the topic of the GTK zine. And all these illustrations up here? They're fantastic, even if some of them didn't make the cut!

Toby Jones said...

Thursday, Anna! Thursday.

Toby Jones said...

Not sure where, though.