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Acts of Female Violence (the whore house)

Stories in three paragraphs.

Once upon a time Clara wanted to know what sex was like. She saw her family’s pigs rutting in the mud, heard the grunts of her mother and father from the bedroom, and listened to her brother’s bragging words when she was hidden outside the tool shed. So one day, being young and pretty and innocent, she left home without telling a soul, in search of sex.

After three days of wandering in the woods, eating berries and leaves; she met a man by a stream. He was nice and kind, older but not wrinkled or hunched. Clara liked him well enough, and sat with him talking for many hours. Eventually, he said to her, “Clara, because you are young and pretty and innocent, I could show you what sex is like.”

Then he untied his trousers and out crawled a giant, green rat, sniffing the air, its whiskers twitching delicately. “Oh,” Clara exclaimed, letting the creature step into her open palms. “How precious!” The rat showed her its yellow teeth and its long thin tail and its curved claws. It crawled around her neck, into her mouth, then down her throat. “Oh, I see,” Clara said after a moment. She had never felt so wise.


Sandy Sarah lived on a beach and she would spend most of her time collecting oyster shells that she would bead together. She created elaborate jewelry, large dangling earrings and necklaces that looped around ones shoulders and hung to the knees. Sandy Sarah lived in a shack her mother had pieced together from lengths of driftwood after her father had been lured into ocean by a mermaid who had promised all sorts of lustful and dirty things. All he had got though, was her embrace as he watched the air bubbles escape from his lungs to the surface.

Sandy Sarah’s only friend her age was a girl named Mabel who lived in the attic of The Dusty Dog Pub near the port. Mabel would pass her time cooking, cleaning, and sleeping with the sailors who passed through the small town. Mabel was a plain, plump girl who was jealous of Sandy Sarah’s sweet soft smile the blue and purple oyster shells adorning her ears.

One day, Mabel led Sandy Sarah to a cliff overlooking the ocean and ripped off all of Sandy Sarah’s jewelry and punched her in the stomach and slapped her face till Sandy Sarah was sobbing and shaking. “No one will ever save you,” Mabel said as she gave Sandy Sarah a hard shove, forcing the frail girl to fall off the cliff and into the ocean. Mabel then went home, had sex with a sea captain, and never got a good nights rest again.

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Monday, September 22, 2008

Cute Things and my To-Do List

I got a new sketch book! Fourth one this semester I think?
I also got new markers which Im playing with!
So enjoy this pile of cute thingys, a sketch girl, self portrait, and an extensive (violent?) to-do list.

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Friday, September 19, 2008


The first is a sketch comic that is going/went nowhere.
Then a comic I made WITH hannah. ABOUT US.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Here is a snippet of a story I am working on.
AND making a comic out of!
we'll see what develops.

Aubrey knew from the moment blood dripped a red trail down her thighs that her father would kill her. Not in anger, although he was known throughout Chersie Port for the power of his fists. He once killed a man simply by slapping him in the face till there was nothing but a few teeth and his ears left.
It would be by his unquenchable passion that Aubrey would cause her to perish. From the moment Aubrey’s lovely mother had passed on from a falling off a horse, he became fixated on Aubrey. He swore he would never love another woman unless she was as beautiful as his wife and thus Aubrey was cursed, for she was the spitting image.
Aubrey had a nurse whose face was wrinkled like a sponge and whose shoulders were hunched higher than her head. The woman was never exactly kind to Aubrey, but she was fond of the young girl’s grace and long black hair. This woman also knew of her father’s unholy desires for his daughter. Although never spoken out loud, it was common knowledge that he was just waiting for her to become old enough to make Aubrey his new wife.
“Just wait till you become a woman Aubrey”, she would caw, rubbing a greasy finger along Aubrey’s cheek. “I’ll be eating real pork that night.”
So when the old croon saw the bloody rag in the bathroom, she began making preparations. She traveled to The Velvet House in the west and asked for the prices only to find them disappointingly low. She then traveled east to the Cigar Room, a smoky tavern where she saw the girls crowded in the back like horses in a stable. She went north to Whiskey Town where the girls called our from windows and street corners, flashing lace and silk to every passerby. In the south the crooked woman explored The Golden Tiger, a purple and green opium bar full of golden antiques and men laying around languorously on huge pillows and blankets. In the basement lived the prostitutes, all dark skinned and dark eyed and red lipped. In the end, after much mathematics and calculation, the old woman had picked out the perfect whore house that would pay the most for Aubrey’s virginity-enough to give the woman enough to eat pork for a year.

Monday, September 15, 2008


I crawl wherever I go.

This is one panel from a one page sketchy comic of me crawling around an alley naked.
based on a true story.
no joke.
no, i'm kidding.
OR AM I?!??!!?

Thursday, September 11, 2008

working on it


Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Here is my sketch for my next illustration!
My teacher loved my last one! Maybe I should switch majors....

I have to ink my comic tonight and Im not looking forward to it anymore. Hm.
Here is a doodle.

Here is my mood of recent.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Illustration and Preview

Here is my award-winning illustration!!! And then preview images for some upcoming projects, some practice inks on tissue paper for my comic and my concept sketch for my next illustration. DONE IN ACRYLIC.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


I'm done wallowing and I'm sorry you're a fool but I don't pity you. You ruined something nice.