Friday, April 2, 2010



First, importantly, I'm happy to say my story was accepted into upcoming F*X*T Magazine! You can read about the announcement HERE as well as more information on the magazine. There's a widget about it also on the bottom of this post (technology willing). This is exciting for MANY reasons, but will mean that I have to write out a 100-ish page script by the start of May.

Also, one of my illustrations appears in Blanket Magazine ! It's just a single illustration that fits into the theme, so don't feel obligated on my part of buy the magazine, HOWEVER it is a very lovely magazine with some pretty kickass interviews from other artists.

Since I finished a short comic last week, this week was lacking in some creative energy. To inspire me and to keep me doodling, I've been warming up by illustrating Merriam-Webster's word of the day. It's pretty fun and challenges me to think creatively.

I'd LOVE to do these with watercolors but I'm out of watercolor well as bristol...and most of my pens have stopped working....So these were done on cardstock from kinko's with some markers until I get another paycheck (IF EVER).






Hannah said...

do you get paid for having your stuff in magazines?

anyway, YAY i'm glad you'll have published stuff!

Anna said...

It depends on the magazine, if they commission the work or not, and what their budget it. For one I'm getting paid, for the other not.

It's kind of like comic anthologies, some pay some don't but it's always nice to say you've been published. :)

Sam said...

Way to be awesome with the magazine gigs! I will have to see about getting a copy of the F*X*T magazine when it comes out.

2D Cloud said...

These warm ups look really fun! Looking forward to seeing your work in F*X*T!