Friday, April 30, 2010

Mostly news

Hey doods! I now have two jobs and have been trying to finish a script so I apologize for my lack of updates.

The script I've been working on has been for upcoming F*X*T Magazine! There's still time to DONATE (well, not much do it fast if you're interested!! Only a little more needed!) Also, fyi, F*X*T Mag is currently accepting illustrators, so if anyone is interested in getting their work published, I'd go ahead and apply!

There was an article written about it featuring a quote and art from me! You can read it HERE.

My sister is getting married in August! I designed these Save The Dates to her liking, and will soon be creating a more illustrative invitation to send out (these save the dates were a rush job...). They'll be made into magnets, which I think is pretty handy/cute.

Also SpringCon is coming up sooooooo I gotta get crackin' in preparing. ALSO AND VERY EXCITING is something that I will share later after more details! But it'll be happening on the same weekend as Spring Con (May 15th and 16th, but the important-est date is May 14th)!


Lefty said...

I totally hear ya on the two jobs thing, I just started my second job last week, so im working 6 days a week while doing my art in the evenings. its crazy!!! I hope your doing well though and congrats to your sister! Rhiannon and I are gonna get married next year. This magazine looks pretty interesting, think i might take a stab at it. Take care of yourself and don't work too hard

Hannah said...

that first illustration of the little girl cracks me up