Friday, April 9, 2010


Two doodles since it looks like another busyyyy weekend.

Seems like now that it's spring and sunny I've heard more and more people complain/worry about being depressed (myself included). Doesn't that seem backwards?

A lady gossip.


hbDesigns said...

Yea it does, but I know I factor into that little group as well. Maybe we all need to form some type of nonprofit support group/system that includes art of course! MCAD Alumni Strike back!

Sean Lynch said...

great layers and gesture

Anonymous said...

Springtime just reminds people of all the things they didn't do. And never will.

XStina said...

:( *hug* We should take a walk in the sunshine to cheer you up.

'Lil Ric said...

When it's all sunny I use outdoor observational drawing as an excuse to go bum around outside soaking up vitamin D and scrawling pictures of trees and stuff.

These drawings are super fun, I especially like the elegance of the second one.