Tuesday, December 8, 2009

You know what I LOVE?

Seeing my art up in other peoples houses!!
Thanks Alison for posting up photos of some pieces she bought from me from the MCAD art sale up on her blog <-link!

YAY! Thanks! Please visit her blog to see more photos (also, her blogs pretty cool).

Also, THIS adorable video features my poster on the side! Cooooool!

My old version of the princess poster (the screenprinted one...I should really make more of those) is hanging up at Ed's adorable and affordable apartment in Chicago! He also has two little paintings I did propped up against the window.

I had totally forgotten about those until now!


Hannah said...

haha where on earth is this? also that IS cool!! maybe next year i'll sell some tiny drawings or something. AND THEN I SHALL SEE MY WORK IN OTHER PEOPLE'S HOMES. (only i will never make those drawings...)

Ed Choy Moorman said...

if you look back at my post about moving, you can see your drawing there too... I think.

Anna said...

Hannah, if you give me some work I'll be more than happy to hang it up! And the first photos were taken in Alison Vallant's house.

Ed, you're right! How did I miss that? I edited my post so a photo of your new place is there too.

alli said...

Aw, thanks Anna! Link exchanging is fun weeeeeeeeeeeee!