Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wild Girls

SO! Fall Con is coming up (more info on that later) and Evan Palmer and I are collaborating on new comic to be released there! It's about a group of small wild girls fighting a giant! It'll be awesome, trust me. We both brainstormed and thought up the idea then I actually wrote it up with some rough layout ideas and he's going to draw it! We're on a time crunch and Evan has to design 15-20 characters so I drew up these guys and named them last night. Now he can base them off these little dudes and the process will go much faster!

Also, I love all their names. That was the best part!


Hannah said...

oh god who do these remind me of....quentin blake? crossed with edward gorey? or someone else... this is going to drive me crazy

cool stuff though!

Anna said...


Kimberly Streeter said...

I would be fart hunter! Or potato. We should colaborate (is that how you spell it?!)

abigail said...

i am obsessed with Secret Pee.

alli said...

OH MY GOD I COULDNT STOP LAUGHING. The girl named Potato is HILARIOUSSSS. Well actually, I think it is the NAME POTATO that cracks me the FUCK UP. The name Potato and the girl Secret Pee... SO FUNNY.

(also, sorry about all of the caps)