Thursday, September 10, 2009

Illustration Friday

The word is strong. I'm not exactly sure how this illustration fits, it's sort of more like fear (the opposite!). But I thought about getting over your fear/facing it even if you're not the bravest, and thats what I imagine this girl is doing.

Also! Three posts in one day!


Hannah said...

very edward gorey...

also love the legs on the sweater lady

Kimberly Streeter said...

I thought fear first for this one too! I think it is because it's so dark.

Ugh, I did not realize when I changed my name how many places I would have to change it at...They misspelled it at the bank! It is awesome tho on my new social security card and drivers license, my old name is all on one line, and then tristan's name is stuck on a second line below. awesome.