Thursday, March 19, 2009

Senior Pro-Pro!!

Here are some finished/near finished pages from the first story of my senior project. In no order at all. So Far I have SIX pages scanned and done!! I have more inked but am tweaking them still.

Some things kinda bother me *cough*craft*cough*neatness*cough* and I'm trying to get better but the process I use, which so far has worked the best for me, is also the messiest.... OH WELL. It works for me!


Anna said...

Also they wont be seen NEARLY as big as they do when you click on them. No idea why it does that but they will be much smaller (thus many little marks that shouldnt be there will be invisible!)

Hannah said...

i can teach you how to make them not as big (ed taught me, akshully).

they are lurvly though

Erik said...

These look so nice, Anna!

Ben Ross said...

YAAAAYYYYYY!!!!! I think this is my favorite Anna work yet!