Sunday, March 1, 2009


So March is Women's History Month! This gives me the excuse to research random women I didnt know anything about before! Check it HERE.
(click it)

Anyway. I'm reading about some really interesting women so you can expect in the near future a comic about Rachel Carson and some paintings or some other work about Marie Curie. And maybe something about some of the other random gals I find. I need something to break up the time I'm spending on senior project.

For now, here is an image of Tallulah Bankhead, an absolutely gorgeous, fabulous, and flamboyant actress in the 1930s and 40s. My favorite thing about her are her killer eyebrows. Also she was named after a waterfall and she used cocaine often and wasn't afraid to say so. Pretty classy!


Anonymous said...

woowww, this is really pretty !!!!

Hannah said...

i think you need to keep drawing like this.


Anna said...

Thanks but mmmmmmno. i dont want to.
I will try drawing like this more often though, for your sake.

Hannah said...