Thursday, March 5, 2009

Rachel Carson

Here's a half-assed comic I did at three am last night about Rachel Carson and it also features my older sister kathleen and her infamous cow-shirt.

Speaking of Kathleen, she's been traveling all over the world and has been posting photos online and they are LOVELY and so weird!
This is my favorite!! LOOK AT THIS BIRD! Wild!!

and then we cant figure out what this is but it looks pretty cool!!

okay, next time more images and information about cool women for march!


Seeks said...

This explains so much

Kim said...

I love this comic! It explains so much about you. And little Anna is soooo cute. That's what we can call you: Lil Anna!!

tuesday bassen said...

Where is that bird photo from?

Anna said...

Haha! Thanks kim!

and that bird is from my sisters photos from her travels in New Zealand. I dont know what kind it is but it's CRAZY!