Monday, June 22, 2009

MOCCA and Stone Arch Fest

I'm back! After a super busy month I will not get back to updating regularly-semi-regularly.
First MOCCA! I had a super awesome time in New York and did pretty well selling my work there! I met a ton of nice people and (think maybe?) I made some friends and fans! :) I was also able to keep my MOCCA spending under 50 bucks-WHICH WAS SO HARD TO DO. I shared a table with Renny, Erik, and Evan (all of those names are actually links! Cool, huh?). They were awesome to table with and to skip around NY with as well. Alison also ventured to New York and we were able to hang out a ton as well. Actually, there were a BUNCH of people who were in NY but I wasnt able to hang out with everyone! :(

Here are some New York photos!

And then THIS weekend Christina and I were able to get a table at the Stone Arch Arts Festival here in Minneapolis. Thanks to MCAD for providing us with the table (not only did they pay for our table, but they also gave us one to use, plus chairs, a canopy, and a back frame to hang up work!)
It was a ton of fun and a great way to spend the weekend. It was all outdoors and it was BEAUTIFUL out both days, minus the rain that ended the festival on Sunday.
Here are some photos of what we were selling. Christina made the baskets and these cute creatures called Socket Bunnies. You can check them out on her website.

Along with the posters and princess books, I gave away little 5x5 watercolors for anyone who bought a book/poster. The very sweet ladies next to us, who were selling GORGEOUS jewelry came by and hinted that I should do custom princesses. I did one for her on Sunday, to look like one of her good friends daughters (sorry, no photo of the princess), with a custom saying under it as well. So for that and a princess book, she traded me a LOVELY necklace!! I have not taken it off! check out Cari Johnson and her painted glass jewelry HERE!!


Okay! now whats new with everyone else??

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