Sunday, October 26, 2008


Here are some screenprints I did this summer.

I do not register anything ever and I love doing it that way but apparently its wrong. I just cant seem to get myself to register, it feels wrong. This is probably the only beef I have with screenprinting (besides just how difficult it is). I dont know anyone else who screenprints like this.

Also, here are some crappy photos from my screenprint installation. I SWEAR IT LOOKED BETTER IN PERSON.

This project pretty much killed me, but I'd love to do it again.


Kim said...

what is register?

Hannah said...

i liked that project you did... it was like existing in one of your drawings!! only my clothes were on...

Anna said...

thanks hannah!
Kim, to register means to measure each layer of color before you print it onto the paper. If the registration is off, it means that the colors are off or shifted. But I dont register, I just eyeball it, which means every print I make is a little bit different.