Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I'm Good I'm Gone

Here is some work.

A long accordian book I made from compositions taken from buildings. I love them. The book was also too long to scan. I created a little pocket in my journal for it to sit in, but no photo of that

a hand drawn collage thing. Its okay.

an accodian fold out comic on fancy paper in my jounral. I really like doing this and hopefully I will continue it.
Also, these comics (and all the work for the past couple of weeks) deal with my god comic and the ideas around it.

1 comment:

Ed Moorman said...

whoo! are there copies of these? or are they one-of-a-kind?

I want to see them, eye are ell.

(also, c'mon gurl, you don't need to put a qualifier like "it's okay" in front of something -- don't you think I can see it and make up my mind for myself? and it's better than okay, DOYYY)