Saturday, April 12, 2008

Mother Mary

My class; intro to print paper book, has a show up on hte fourth floor. It'll only be up till wednesday so take a look if you get a chance. I have three pieces hanging up, and all have a similar theme. My color woodblock is about a greek story about a mother who is forced to eat her own children. Theres also a screenprint about my own mother and how she used to play the accordian, but due to the forces of nature, can't anymore. The prints breaking down cause my memory of it is breaking down, I'm watching my mom break down. Its weird. I didnt want to hang it up at all but my teacher LOVED it and really wanted it hung. The last print is rosie the riviter and the virgin mary combined.

So yeah. Moms. They keep showing up in my work. The last comic I made was about motherhood too. I don't really have a reason for pointing out this theme. I just wanted others to know i see it too.

Here is my favorite picture of mother mary (yes, I call her mother mary not mary or virgin mary. jenny pointed it out that I say it).


Ben Ross said...

someone has motherhood on her mind... UH OHH! Anna wants a baby!.... i kid... dont hate me anna.

naked barbie with incorrect anatomy said...

hellooooo anna, mom does play her accordion

anna said...

not like she used to. you know that